Open Data publication in a nutshell


We are happy to bring you “Open Data publication in a nutshell”, an introduction to the “Methodology for publishing datasets as open data“:

written by Jan Kučera, Martin Nečaský, Jakub Klímek and Dušan Chlapek.

COMSODE project developed the Methodology to provide publishers of Open Data with guidelines and recommendations how Open Data should be published. It is a comprehensive methodology covering various aspects of Open Data publication ranging from technical and legal issues to organizational issues and user engagement.

The scope of the methodology is broad and even though you can just focus on topics you are interested in (i.e. you do not need to read it whole) it still might be too complex if you just want to get familiar with what Open Data is and what the basic guidelines for its publication are. Therefore we decided to write this short handbook which should provide you with the necessary basics about Open Data, with the overview of the methodology and its contents and with focused step-by-step guides to the phases and activities related to the Open Data publication.

We hope that it will help you to get started with your Open Data initiative. If you ever feel you need a more specific guidelines or recommendations, please keep in mind that you can always refer to the complete methodology.