ODN version 1.3.0 released


Open Data Node version 1.3.0 was released on May 24th, 2016.

This is a so-called feature-release, thus it contains new functionality and improvements, related mainly to major GUI look&feel improvements in ODN management module that improve practical usability. This is thanks to update of midPoint to version 3.3 . The rest of the ODN functionality is not affected.

Release also contains corrections for bugs identified in previous versions, for example catalogue synchronization issues. For more in-depth technical summary about this release please take a look at release notes: https://github.com/OpenDataNode/open-data-node/releases/tag/ODN_v1.3.0 .

This is the first feature-release of Open Data Node prepared by EEA company in cooperation with other partners and Open Source community after end of COMSODE project.

Future road-map along with information about previous releases is available in ODN Wiki at https://utopia.sk/wiki/display/ODN/Roadmap+and+releases . In particular, we’re planning feature release 1.4.0 for August 2016 which will contain further updates of ODN components to newer versions, bringing in bug-fixes and new features from upstream projects.