ODN version 1.6.0 released


Open Data Node version 1.6.0 was released on November 15th, 2016.

This release contains new functionality (and other improvements) thus it is a so-called feature-release. Also this time, new functionality is smaller in scope, represented again by two new DPUs for ETL.

Two new DPUs are e-t-excelToCSV (to extract selected sheets from Excel file into CSV files) and q-sparqlAsk (used to validate Linked Data before it gets published, using SPARQL ASK query). This release also contains fixes for ETL tool UnifiedViews and other DPUs in it, fixes for CKAN-based InternalCatalog and PublicCatalog. Management tool midPoint was also updated to incorporate small improvements.

For more in-depth technical summary about this release please take a look at release notes: https://github.com/OpenDataNode/open-data-node/releases/tag/ODN_v1.6.0 .

This is the third feature-release of Open Data Node prepared by EEA company in cooperation with other partners and Open Source community after end of COMSODE project.

Future road-map along with information about previous releases is available in ODN Wiki at https://utopia.sk/wiki/display/ODN/Roadmap+and+releases . In particular, we’re planning feature release 1.7.0 for December 2016 which will include further updates of ODN components to newer versions, bringing in bug-fixes and new features from upstream projects.